History of South West NRM Ltd

Formation of the Company

South West NRM Ltd was first formed in November 1997 as the regional strategy group for community-based natural resource management.

The group was developed from the amalgamation of the Warrego/Paroo Catchment Management Association (circa 1993) and the South West Strategy Natural Resource Management group (formed early 1995). The two original groups recognised the potential for activities to be duplicated and it became obvious that the groups needed to come together to direct their activities on a regional basis to achieve the community’s goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Following rationalisation of the South West Strategy, South West NRM Ltd became its own incorporated organisation in 2002, with 26 committee members. 

Mostly recently, the organisation has undergone a restructure to become a Company Limited (2004) in order to streamline its business to more appropriately manage and invest increased funding responsibilities.  The company's staff size is constantly increasing, reflecting the responsibilities it is taking on.