There's no I in natural resource management

Community forum processThat's right, there is no "I" in natural resource management (NRM).

It takes everyone, including you, to ensure that our land, water and vegetation are looked after in a way that we can all use and enjoy in years to come.

That's why we need you to become actively involved in NRM in our region.

And the good news is that there is a very easy way, which makes effective use of your precious time.

The Community NRM Forums are a unique approach to achieve greater community involvement in NRM.  Community involvement is an essential component to achieving sustainable NRM in our region.

How they work

Each Community NRM Forum member is an official member of South West NRM Ltd. with voting rights at South West NRM Ltd's Annual General Meetings.

Members are registered on a central database under a membership sector, with members' top three interests in the nine thematic issue areas listed in the NRM Plan and their principle catchment area also noted.

Based on these categories, working groups and group leaders are formed, where each Community NRM Forum member will be on at least one working group for each of the three different categories (catchment, NRM issues, membership sector).  Please refer to the diagram of the Community NRM Forums framework.

Membership - Community Forum Process

The arrangement gives South West NRM Ltd effective and efficient access to community members wishing to be involved in community NRM on a catchment, NRM issue and membership sector basis.

Please Note: The Far South West Aboriginal NRM Group, established by South West NRM Ltd, is the main method by which Traditional Owners are engaged, although Traditional Owners are still encouraged to join the Community NRM Forums.