Download Landcare education resources

Here we have some resources  for use in teaching  children's groups about looking after our environment.


Only real plants:

  • Are self-regulating air purifiers. They improve the air quality by keeping levels of pollution low
  • Produce fresh, clean oxygen, making the room...

Worldwide, 2.7 million tons of plastic are used each year to make water bottles, and in
the United States, less than 20% of these bottles are recycled.
In September 2009, Bundanoon,...

Using one tonne of recycled paper instead of new paper saves:

  • Approximately 13 trees
  • 2.5 barrels of oil (437 litres) - one barrel is 175 litres
  •  4100...
  • So we have enough for everyone now and in the future
  • Reduces your water bill
  •  Reduces the energy used in pumping water
  • to your house (reducing...

Fast Facts

  1. Each year, Australians discard about 8,000 tonnes of used batteries
  2.  97% of batteries are disposed of through normal rubbish collection points
  3. ...

Older students will benefit from a visit to the Australian Conservation Foundation’s website. The Publications section contains current information on the some of the most controversial...

The Australian Department of Environment and Heritage produces a Teacher’s Resource Kit every year aimed at 6 – 12 year olds, focused on Australia’s threatened species.

There is an emerging focus on sustainability in schools and teachers can find information about what sustainability means, and the networks that exist, at this website. The website also includes...

CSIRO schoolprograms support primary and secondary science education. Students can visit CSIRO Science Education Centres or join the Double Helix Club to get more involved in science.