2010 Focus Group Report

In 2010, South West NRM facilitated focus group workshops throughout the South West
NRM region to gain the input of land managers on the barriers to the adoption of exemplary
natural resource management practices and to undertake an analysis of future needs.

The information gathering and collation was undertaken by Karen Tully from Mulga Solutions.

Focus groups were convened in Adavale, Quilpie, Morven, Bollon, Augathella, Charleville,
Eulo, Nebine and Cunnamulla. The 2 hour sessions were run as a facilitated group
discussion, and seven open ended questions were posed which were designed to gather
thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Consensus was not necessary and unified
thinking was not needed, as the main purpose of these sessions was to gather data and
information which was expressed as a range of ideas, attitudes, experiences and opinions that
participants had on a range of natural resource management topics. The information gathered
has been transcribed in its raw form in this report, and common threads of information have
been summarised to develop recommendations which are each backed by supporting
information provided in detail.

The information in this 2010 report will be used to inform future decision making at a
strategic and/or operational level by South West NRM. This could include the informing of
grant applications, programming decisions and identifying regional priority resource
management issues.

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