This project is to erect an enclosure to trap feral goats which are impacting on ground cover at Arakoola.  The goat trapping enclosure will measure approximately 300m squared and take in an area of 33.3ha.  Construction materials will be steel pegs with southern wire and an earthen ramp as the trapping mechanism.  Water will be piped from an existing tank to a trough located within the trap. The trap is to be located strategically to manage goats that come in from Thrushton National Park onto the softer sweeter soils at this location. The country where the trap will be erected is a mixture of grey and red soils with semi-open poplar box, belah, mulga and sandlewood vegetation. Current methods of removing this pest animal utilising gyrocopter hire and mustering staff are costly and time consuming. This method of trapping is economically desirable and should result in improved return on investment.  The project budget for funds provided by South West NRM Ltd is $8263.20



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