Charleville Botanical Reserve Draft Management Plan

The Charleville Botanical Reserve is an area of approximately 2200 hectares, situated
within the Murweh Shire and lying 15 kilometres south of Charleville, as shown in
Figure 1. Previously used for grazing as part of the Town Common and as a holding area
for stock awaiting transportation, it was known in later years as the ‘Stock Trucking
Reserve’. In 1963 it was leased as a ‘butcher’s paddock’ to a local butcher, for use as a
holding area for stock prior to slaughter. When this lease expired in 2003, the area was
gazetted as an Environmental Reserve under the trusteeship of the Murweh Shire
Council. Appendix 1 provides a summary of the history of the Reserve from its
declaration in 1898 to the present day.

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