The project will be focusing on a reduction in Eremophila gilesii (Turkey Bush), a native species which is considered a woody weed in south west Queensland.  Proliferation of turkey bush is a result of historical grazing pressure and proves to be problematic as it reduces the health and distribution of perenial grasses which form a basis of the grazing business. There will be a number of different control methods trialled including the

* Spreading of extra nutrient in the form of fertiliser for the soil,

* Fire,

* Chemical application in the form of "Grasslan" pellets,

* Biological control and

*Slashing of the Turkey Bush


One or more of these methods will be trialled at one time in different areas.  There may also be combinations of methods at one time. The trials will be conducted mainly on Mulga Sandplain country in B land condition, which is 'fair' land condition, and monitored closely throughout the duration of the trials. The trial areas will be clearly marked out for ease of identification and monitoring. Trial areas will consist of around 100 ha.  There will always be a control area for comparison reasons.  Project Budget $25 000.00



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