Glentuckie - Planned Grazing Project

The Parson family will install 2 fences of 5 kms each, bisecting 2 bores and dividing one large paddock into 3 smaller paddocks, that will all connect to an existing laneway system. This will allow John to run one large mob of stock in a smaller paddock to achieve even grazing of soft mulga pastures and stragetic resting of other paddocks.
The existing paddock is 8,000 ha and consisting of a 50/50 mix of soft and hard mulga and has good ground cover, a mix of highly desirable pastures species. Mulga thickening is noted by John and some areas have been pulled in the last 20 years.
Water is provided by two bores and the fences will intersect them, allowing for a good supply of water in all new paddocks. South West NRM is contributing $10,000 to assist John with this $27,000 project.




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