This is an NRM Learning Demonstration Site project. A rotational grazing trial will be set up on Durella in collabaration with the owners and managers.  To implement a rotational time controlled grazing system, the origional paddock will be reduced to four paddocks of approximately 2200 Ha.  Fencing will be constructed to landtype and natural features.   Stocking rates will be adjusted in the interest of ground cover and rest periods to stimulate growth and germination of desirable grasses.  Rotational grazing will be implemented by erecting cost effective fencing to dissect the original Durella paddock, this fencing will consist of three plain barbed wires and steel pickets.  There will be approximately 18km of subdivisional fencing  constructed for the project.  Fence line clearing and construction, stock movements and business analysis will be provided in kind by the owner Greg Windsor. Planning is critical to the success of this trial, from the physical layout and water capability to the movement of the stock.  Property mapping and planning will be central tools used regularly to assist in decision making.


Funding Budget: $25,000.00



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