This project will achieve subdivisional fencing on Mungallala Alluvial floodplain at Heather to allow regenerated native species to flourish and persist. 5 kms of fencing will split 4000acres of sensitive floodplain for time managed rotational grazing. Fence structure will be cost effective Iron bark strainer posts, iron bark split posts, 2 barbs and 4 plain wires with aluminium droppers to control grazing by sheep, cattle and kangaroos. The paddock is currently patch grazed with more desirable pastures species being vulnerable to overgrazing. Controlled water points are already established.  The project country type is a Coolibah alluvial floodplain of the Mungallala creek. Native grasses include mitchell grass and bluegrass. 

Funds provided by South West NRM for this project total $7066.20.



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