Managing a high-profile biodiversity asset: Identifying habitat and hotspots for occurrence of Grey Grasswren in the Bulloo Lakes system

In order to inform property management planning for Bulloo Downs station, south-western Queensland, a survey to identify habitat and hotspots for Grey Grasswren Amytornis barbatus barbatus was conducted in the Bulloo Lakes wetland system during 7-11 October 2013. Although known to occur in south-central parts of the system, mainly south of the NSW State border, there have been few if any previous records of Grey Grasswren from northern parts of the system. This nominate subspecies of Grey Grasswren is listed as Vulnerable under the Commonwealth EPBC Act 1999 and is considered to be declining in NSW.
The survey was funded by South West NRM Ltd and conducted by two ornithologists with extensive experience of this highly secretive bird from floodplains of south-western Queensland and adjacent South Australia and New South Wales.

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