This paper is part of the Queensland Herbarium's ecological research program and is based on research conducted by Don W. Butler and Russell J. Fairfax from The Queensland Herbarium.
An article from Journal of Vegetation Science 16: 237-248, 2005, written by Clarke, Peter J.; Latz, Peter K. & Albrecht, David E., examining the question of which has the greater effect in terms of long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation; rainfall variability, or invasion...
A thesis submitted to the James Cook University's School of Tropical Biology in MAy 2004 by Janice Jackson for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Tropical Plant Sciences.
Cenchrus ciliaris L. (buffel grass) (Poaceae) is recognized as one of Australia's most serious environmental weeds. This introduced grass has been associated with loss of native species and alteration of fire regimes. However, it is also highly valued as a pasture species...
The survival of buffel grass seedlings in quadrats either with or without competition from other plants was measured in 2 pastures near Townsville over a 65-week period. No buffel grass seedlings survived in the competition treatment but 40% and 80% of the seedlings without...
One of a series of pamphlets on weeds of national significance released in 2008.

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