Red Leaf Projects was engaged by the South West NRM Ltd regional body to collate, review and summarise the information relating to the water dependent iconic and threatened species and communities and water assets of the Bulloo, Paroo, Warrego and Nebine catchments of the SWNRM...
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The files in this collection were compiled by Peter Johnston as part of South West NRM’s Historical Research Collaboration Project Mulga Lands Information Hub project. The files and the information contained within them are not necessarily the sole work of Peter Johnston....
The 2005 social and economic assessment of the Great Artesian Basin region.
A summary report submitted to the Officers of the Economic Branch in the Queensland Department of Primary Industries in 1990. It gives an economic profile of graziers throughout Queensland.
The purpose of this Working Paper is to identify the "Base Case" position for farm economic performance. In particular, the performance of farms in the pastoral zone areas of Queensland is subject to leases under the Land Act 1994.

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