A re-examination made in 1997 by the Department of Natural Resources of the 1994 study on the economics of bore drain replacement.
A 1992 report for the Department of Water Resources Technical Division, appraising the economics of water conservation options available to the Great Artesian Basin region.
An assessment of natural resource condition adjacent to flowing bore drains in South West Queensland was conducted, comparing the degree of erosion associated with bore drains in different land systems in the region, and evaluating the effects of bore drain overflow in...
A 2001 report on the benefits and costs provided to land owners by the program of artesian bore piping carried out from November 1994 through to June 1999 in southwest Queensland.
A pamphlet on an initiative jointly-funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments for the purpose of achieving sustainable land and water management in the Great Artesian Basin.
The discussion paper for the Cap & Pipe the Bores program.
The details for three south-west Qld properties studied to determine the economics of bore drain replacement.
Details on case studies from the Mitchell grass region on the economics of capping and piping.
This document is a guideline aimed at National Parks of Western and Southwestern Queensland, advising them on recommended ways of managing artificial water points.
A paper presented to the 40th annual conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society in 1996.
The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) has provided a valuable resource for the development of rangelands in Australia. Management recommendations for the basin currently, and in the past, primarily concentrate on water conservation. Environmental, economic and social impacts were...
A report on the mound springs present in the Great Artesian Basin.

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