Mesquite is a Weed of National Significance and a Class 2 declared plant in Queensland. There are at least three species and one hybrid present in Queensland, collectively referred to as Mesquite.
Mesquites (Prosopis species) are some of northern Australia’s worst weeds. They are a group of thorny shrubs and trees that aggressively replace grasslands and thornless shrubland. Most impacts are in pastoral and extensive grazing regions. Current infestations cover 800,...
Details of a strategic plan aiming to confine various species and hybrids of Mesquite in Australia, with the planned goal of eventually eradicating them entirely from Australian soil.
The results of a 2-year study undertaken by S.D. Campbell and C.L. Setter on the investigation of fire as a potential control technique for the woody weed mesquite.
Part of the Pest Review Series, assembled for the Queensland Government by N.March, D.Akers, P.Jeffrey, J.Vitelli, T.Mitchell, P.James and A.P.Mackey.
An article from BioControl volume 47, published in 2002, written by G.P. Donnelly of the Department of Natural Resources.
The details of a study carried out in 2000 by B.C. Lynes and S.D. Campbell.
Section 4 of a 2003 booklet on mesquite.
Section 3 of a 2003 booklet on mesquite.
Section 1 of a 2003 booklet on mesquite.
Section 2 of a 2003 booklet on mesquite.
This guideline has been prepared under section 15 of the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 (Qld) to support successful management of the mesquite species declared as Class 2 pests. It sets out an objective, and statutory and non-statutory actions which...

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