This paper reports observations collected from two monitoring sites on the mulga sandplains of south west Queensland. It describes the combined effects of seasonal rainfall, fire and grazing on the forage biomass, mulga and shrub communities at two sites near Hungerford on the...
The details of a topic brought up in the 1990 Arid Land Administrators Conference, held in Charleville on the 3rd to the 5th of April; Profitability, Stocking Rates & Land Degradation in the mulga region of Queensland.
The results of a study conducted upon the physical properties of the soil of three contiguous geomorphic zones of a patterned sequence of alternating groves and intergroves in a semi-arid mulga (Acacia aneura) woodland.
It is the purpose of this paper, produced in 1990, to provide a brief overview of recent research findings into the degradation of the mulga lands of south west Queensland.
The results of a study evaluating the wind erosion processes and the factors that control it in the hard and soft mulga lands of south west Queensland.
A report by R.L. Miles and D.E. Baker.
A paper by S. Glancille and J. Mills discussing the preliminary results of a series of rainfall simulator tests conducted to determine the relationship between land condition classes and runoff & soil loss.

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