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Noogoora Burr (Xanthium occidentale)

An article from Weed Science, Vol. 46, No. 4, published by the Weed Science Society of America, written by Graham W. Charles, Robert D. Murison, and Steven Harden.
An article written by Peter J. Hocking for the Australian Journal of Agricultural Research in 1983.
A 2007 fact sheet on invasive plants and animals produced by Land Protection (Invasive Plants and Animals) for the Queensland Government's Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. This fact sheet is on Noogoora Burr.
The recent introduction of two cerambycids, Mecas saturnina and Nupserha vexator, for the biological control of Noogoora burr, Xanthium strumavium, a weed of sheep pastures in subtropical eastern Australia, has led to the development of a verbal model of the effect of these...
The distribution in Australia of a vegetable fault in wool caused by Noogoora burr, Xanthium stvumavium, is outlined. The climates of the region in Australia where the burr produces maximum contamination of wool and where it is of the greatest economic importance are compared...

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