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A national strategy for the management of vertebrate pest animals in Australia Natural Resource
The 41 partners in the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre are proud to promote the forthcoming products developed or registered throughout their seven year funding life (2005-2012). All products have been developed with animal welfare, price, useability, target...
 Feral Pig Control Methods and Fact Sheets from Pest Smart
Following a bait-preference pilot study on captive feral pigs, a series of field studies assessed the attractiveness and target-specificity of a prototype manufactured feral pig bait (PIGOUT(R)). Two promising test baits and fresh meat reference baits were biomarked with...
Keywords Feral pigs, population structure, IBD, migration, rivers, optimal control, management units, wildlife endemic disease management.
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Fig. 5. The elevation above sea level across the study area. Fig. 4. The average annual rainfall across the study area.
Spencer Hampton Lapidge Pluske
Abstract: Substantial efforts have been made to identify the most effective practices for the control and management of invasive vertebrate pest species, such as the feral pig (Sus scrofa). We investigated the demographics, abundance, and molecular ecology of a persecuted feral...
Pigs are one of the most damaging and widespread pest animals in Queensland. Nationally they are estimated to cost the economy over $100 million each year. They cause environmental damage and result in lost agricultural productivity.
Part of a series of information pamphlets published in 2004 by the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage.
A 2005 information booklet published by the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage.

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