The water lettuce infestation in the Warrego River at Cunnamulla (~750 km inland from Brisbane) is of ongoing concern. This floating aquatic weed has been present in this location for around 10 years and previous attempts in reducing the infestation have not been successful....
Water Lettuce is a free floating aquatic weed that causes major environmental damage in dams, waterways and other waterbodies
This guideline has been prepared under section 15 of the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 (Qld) to support successful management of water lettuce, a Class 2 declared pest. It sets out an objective, and statutory and non-statutory actions which are...
A 2007 fact sheet on invasive plants and animals produced by Land Protection (Invasive Plants and Animals) for the Queensland Government's Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. This fact sheet is on Water Lettuce.

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