The Tropical and Subtropical Weeds Research Unit is an initiative developed at the University to undertake research into aspects of weed science, provide training in tropical weed science and undertake extension activities  The Tropical and Subtropical Weeds Research Unit...
A REPORT COMMISSIONED BY THE MARANOA LANDCARE GROUP by Jim Herbert, Department of Primary Industries, Queensland and Peter Evans, Queensland Transport.
In the past year, our team of scientists has continued to make significant progress in delivering innovative, quality research for improved management of Queensland’s weeds and pest animals. Key achievements from our four research programs are outlined
Pest Portal Under NHT’s National Feral Animal Control Program, the Bureau of Rural Sciences has supported the Pest Animal Control CRC in cooperation with the University of Canberra to develop a website on pest animals. The site aims to make information on past and current...
Innovative thinking by a local landholder has taken the backache out of woody weed removal with the design and development of the Ellrott Blade Plough
One of the most significant environmental challenges facing Queensland is to minimise the impact of those weeds that pose a serious threat to many of the State's ecosystems, and impose high annual costs on agricultural industries. Until European settlement, the natural...
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This document is the September 2001 reprint of the Weedbuster Activity Kit designed in August 1996 at the behest of Land Protection, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland.
This is the 2nd edition of a guide to known weeds of Southern Queensland, written by G.A. Dight, J. A. Huggins, M. J. Lucy and G. R. Zerner.   Part 1 has been corrupted and will be returned when possible
A report written in the July of 2002 by Tim R. Brinkley and Mary Bomford for the Bureau of Rural Sciences.

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