The Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment and Mapping Method or AquaBAMM (Clayton, et al. 2006) was developed to assess conservation values of wetlands in Queensland, and may also have application in broader geographical contexts. It is a comprehensive method that uses available...
The latest edition of RipRap is on ‘bringing back native fish’, and contains 60 pages of great articles featuring  fish related science, on-ground works, oral history and community engagement from across Australia.  It is a wonderful, uplifting...
The water lettuce infestation in the Warrego River at Cunnamulla (~750 km inland from Brisbane) is of ongoing concern. This floating aquatic weed has been present in this location for around 10 years and previous attempts in reducing the infestation have not been successful....
New concurrence role for Great Barrier Reef wetland protection areas  The department has new concurrence powers for wetlands of high ecological significance within the Great Barrier Reef catchments. These areas have been identified as ‘wetland protection...
Wetlands are an important resource "
Managing wetlands in the semiarid pastoral zone of western Queensland.
This document outlines a strategy and strategic plan designed to facilitate sustainable floodplain management, in harmony with the Condamine Catchment Strategic Plan and the Queensland Murray-Darling Basic Natural Resource Management Strategy.
A report submitted to the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency by Roger Jaensch in September 1999 on the status & importance of southwest Queensland's wetlands.
This report describes the distribution and characteristics of the wetlands associated with the Paroo River and Cutiaburra Creek from work carried out in 1993.
The draft of a report submitted to the Technical Services Division of the Department of Water Resources in November 1993 by Dayle L. Green and Adam M. King on the wetlands of the Warrego River system.
This review examines the status of temperate-zone freshwater wetlands and makes projections of how changes over the 2025 time horizon might affect their biodiversity.
Wetlands in arid and semi-arid areas face intensifying pressure for their water resources yet harbour unique biota and ecological processes that rely on the "

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