A risk assessment of water dependent threatened species and communities and water assets of southwest Queensland from coal seam gas and coal mining

Red Leaf Projects was engaged by the South West NRM Ltd regional body to collate, review and summarise the information relating to the water dependent iconic and threatened species and communities and water assets of the Bulloo, Paroo, Warrego and Nebine catchments of the SWNRM region. A summary of significant datasets, scientific research, publications and findings is provided. Additionally, a number of analyses were conducted to identify the relative vulnerabilities and level of risk of these ecological assets to coal seam gas and mining development. Landscape linkages that sustain ecosystem functioning and species resilience were also identified along with management focused recommendations. The outcomes of this review including recommendations provide SWNRM with a platform to initiate community discussion and as a focus for future projects and funding opportunities. It also provides substantial input into the proposed bioregional assessments of the Commonwealth Government and will be used to update the SWNRM strategic plans.