Shannendoah - Trialling a Rotational Time Managed Grazing System

To implement a rotational time controlled grazing system the paddock sizes will be reduced to average approximately 300 Ha, depending on land type and estimated stock days per hectare. Approximately 11 kilometres of fencing will be constructed using fencing of 2 plain wires, 2 electric wires and a top barb wire. As with any high density stocking system sufficient watering points are extremely important and fencing will be designed at water points to cater for animal health, behaviour and security. All in kind labour, along with some additional water infrastructure and machinery hire will be provided by property owner Brett Sheahan.

Planning is critical to the success of this trial, right from the physical layout and water capability to the movement of the stock. Grazing charts along with property mapping and the property planning will be central tools. . South West NRM will invest in some technical support, with an initial consultation on site to investigate the best options for sub divisional fencing and water infrastructure, along with vital planning and managing for plant, animal and economic performance of the trial.

Funding Budget: $25,000



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