Springvale - Improving pastures in the Paroo River Catchment


“Springvale” already has two goat holding paddocks of 212 ha and 76 ha that has been heavily grazed by goats. This grant will fund fencing to split the 212ha paddock in to three paddocks of 65ha, 66ha and 82ha. One additional paddock of 177ha will also be fenced, giving us a total of 390ha in 4 or 5 paddocks.

Addition trials may include mechanical treatment with a crocodile, burning or seeding of grasses and legumes.

These trials will be subject to weather conditions and the availability of other grants or in kind funds provided by landholders.

South West NRM will be contributing $25,000 to this project in 2010-2011, with in-kind labour and support from the Landholder.



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