Water Report-January Queensland Murray Darling Valleys South-West Region 17th January, 2011

The south-west region received widespread rainfall during the past week. Of note is the significant rainfall in the eastern parts of the region during this period particularly in the Upper Condamine and Gowrie/Oakey Creek systems. Rainfall totals of between 150–350mm were recorded throughout both systems which resulted in major flooding in most areas of the upper Condamine catchment. This flow has continued downstream and has been bolstered by additional inflow from Charleys Creek and other Condamine tributaries. This renewed flood flow will prolong the current flooding throughout the Balonne and lower Balonne systems. High rainfall in the Border rivers catchment is also resulted in major flood flows in the Dumaresq and Macintyre/ Weir Rivers.
The majority of Queensland’s Murray Darling river systems have been flowing at various rates
since late September/early October 2010 with the majority of the moderate to major flooding
occurring in the Condamine/Balonne river systems in the last few weeks. The major flow activity
at this point in time relates to the eastern part of the QMDB with high flows present in the Border, Moonie and Condamine/Balonne catchments. Currently the Bureau of Meteorology has announced flood warnings for the Condamine, Moonie and Macintyre/Weir Rivers.
Water harvesting announcements continue for the Border & Weir Rivers in the south, Lower
Balonne, Upper Condamine Water Management Area, North Branch of the Condamine River and the Warrego River.
The report is an update of streamflow conditions in the South West and was prepared on the 17th January, 2011. Please note that some flow data is not yet available for use in this report due to gauging station infrastructure damage in some areas as a result of the significant flood events seen in the South west region in the past month.

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