Management of Menindee Lakes 2011-2012 – Issue 8. 20 April 2012

The flood peak in the Darling River is currently entering the Menindee Lakes. Inflows of 64,000 megalitres per day (ML/d) have been recently calculated and inflows of over 50,000 ML/d day are expected to continue over the weekend before beginning to fall. Airspace in the lakes is being used to minimise the flood impact around the  Menindee township and downstream. Upstream at Wilcannia the river is falling slowly and no further rises are anticipated for this event.

This paper, and updates to follow, describes current flow conditions and operations, as well as information on what
can be expected through April and May as the flood waters pass through the Darling River system.
Residents and authorities are reminded to check with the NSW Office of Water in Buronga on the required
approvals before undertaking any earthworks to protect infrastructure or crops.