Chemical Accreditation Workshop Success

PEST prevention does not simply stop once an exclusion fence is completed.

On Tuesday and Wednesday South West NRM conducted a training course for cluster members delivered by Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC).

The training can also be credited towards a AHC32816 Certificate 3 in Rural Operations.

The main objective for most graziers who attended the course was to gain eligibility to apply to Queensland Health for a permit to buy 1080 capsules which are used in Canid Pest Ejectors as another tool for wild dog mitigation.

The two-day course included hands-on instruction from Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges instructor Fred McPhie.

Mr McPhie’s demonstrations included: safety, transportation, storage, handling and use of chemicals; calibration techniques for boom sprays and backpacks; spraying techniques and set up of Canid Pest Ejector devices in the field.

“We all have a duty of care to ourselves and employees to be proactive with farm safety,” Mr McPhie says.

South West NRM will be funding more QATC courses like this in the future. The next chemical accreditation course will be held in mid-April.

This training course was funded through the QLD government’s Natural Resource Management investment theme to train cluster managers in wild dog control.




Prepared by Martin Volz, Media Officer,

More information Phil McCullough, CEO, 0407 126 689