Making the most of what you’ve got

ROB Rennick’s keen interest in making the most of natural resources on his property, Gumbardo, has not wilted during the recent heat waves or drought.

The 2016 South West NRM Mulga Award overall winner says although dry times make it difficult to maintain sustainable vegetation changes, come wetter times there are plenty of projects to put into action.

“I came to the realisation it is very hard to improve this country during dry times,” Mr Rennick says.

“After drought you start from scratch again.”

When the rains come Mr Rennick says he plans to make the most of water runoff by employing the method of water spreading.

“If you get 16 inches, it just runs off,” he says.

Grading flat contour lines and putting in breaks, runoff water will have more time to soak into the Red Mulga soil and provide grasses an extra chance to grow.

Mr Rennick received the 2016 South West NRM Mulga Award for being involved and supporting grassroots Landcare movements, and managing the natural resources of Gumbardo for environmental and economic benefit.

With Gumbardo currently offering plenty of young Mulga for his 1000 head of cattle to feed on, Mr Rennick says he has not had to push for fodder during the current drought.

“The young Mulga is growing and it is essential out here to treat Mulga as a crop,” he says.

“Pushing Mulga is not clearing Mulga. Generally, if you leave the sticks there, it will come up,” Mr Rennick says.

Mr Rennick’s main message, as an ambassador for sustainable land management, is focused mostly on urban folk.

“Mulga is different to the rest of the tree clearing business and we need to try to get city people to come have a look.”

“You need not worry about it, the Mulga will come up again.”

Recently the cattleman has also been able to trial grasses in the red soil, with the Seca variety providing hope as a fodder alternative.

“Up until six months ago Seca was surviving drought,” he says.




Prepared by Martin Volz, Media Officer,

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