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Mark O'Brien
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Mark O’Brien has been a resident of the Murweh Shire for 20 years having moved to Charleville to pursue business opportunities and to provide a small, rural community lifestyle for his family.  A qualified accountant, Mark has worked in many areas of commerce including large international corporations as well as small rural businesses.

Mark has been involved in a number of business ventures in the region and owns and operates a distribution business which covers the whole of the south west.

Mark was  Mayor of the Murweh Shire Council March 2004 - March 2012 with a conviction about the benefits of a strong team of councillors.

“The Murweh Shire is a diverse shire with a number of communities and the council is committed to an inclusive approach which supports the diversity within the shire.  This can be achieved through creative and responsible financial management as well as responsiveness to community aspirations”.

Mark is a staunch supporter of natural resource management particularly in the southwest. Mark has been successful in having the southwest region recognised as ‘the home of natural sciences’; and is heavily involved with the Save the Bilby foundation, the environmental park, Murweh Shire, Regional Planning and the Grants Commission. Mark has developed an extensive partnership network within the areas of natural resource management, media, and politics; and has had continual involvement with South West NRM Ltd on a personal and mayoral level over the past eight years. Mark holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (Personnel Management); Degree in Accounting; was  the Mayor of Murweh Shire; a local business owner and Ambassador for Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

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