National Landcare Program

The National Landcare Program regional funding stream will invest $454 million through Australia’s 56 natural resource management organisations (NRM) over four years. This funding recognises the crucial role the 56 regional NRM organisations play in delivering NRM at a local and regional level.

Regional NRM organisations have a significant role in the Program’s delivery, through regional funding, and are expected to:

  • in collaboration with community, landcare and farming system groups, lead regional NRM planning and prioritisation of NRM activities to support environmental protection and sustainable agricultural practices
  • deliver nationally important outcomes that assist Australia to meet its national and international obligations
  • broker partnerships, collaborate with networks and support local stakeholders in delivery of regional NRM activities
  • build local community and industry engagement, skills and capacity in NRM and sustainable agriculture
  • support Indigenous participation in delivering NRM outcomes
  • report NRM outcomes at a regional level and contribute to Programme reporting at the national level.

The Australian Government recently conducted a public consultation process on the design and delivery of the regional stream of the National Landcare Program. For more information on the outcomes of the consultation and a summary of the feedback please see the Consultations page.



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