Landcare in South West Queensland

South West NRM is working with the community to foster Landcare and catchment management ethics throughout south west Queensland.

Regional Landcare Coordinator

The Regional Landcare Coordinator is based at South West NRM in Charleville.  The main role of the Coordinator is to provide support for Landcare and other community groups to undertake natural resource management (NRM) activities and projects in the South West NRM region.  The Coordinator removes barriers to participation in Landcare and ensures that activities are practical, time and cost efficient and produce positive change to the local environment.

To achieve this, emphasis is placed on building relationships and providing effective communication to the groups of the region.  Support is available for submitting funding applications, information exchange, meetings, workshops and training with groups.

Landcare in our region

There are a number of active and dedicated Landcare groups within the South West NRM region.  These groups are well established and when relief from severe and prolonged drought arrives they will refocus and continue to progress the good work and projects that have been accomplished in past years.

There are many opportunities for Landcare groups to contribute and address NRM issues in our region. Such opportunities include:

  • riparian and wetland protection;
  • water and stream quality;
  • soil erosion control;
  • weed and pest control and eradication;
  • native pasture regeneration;
  • vegetation and biodiversity management;
  • long term property and sub-catchment planning;
  • education and information sharing.

There is also opportunity to form urban based Landcare groups in our region to address NRM issues relating to townships.

The Landcare ethos in our region is still strong and, with support and resources, will continue to be.

Landcare Groups

Since Landcare's inception in 1988, thousands of groups have formed across the country, to come together to make a difference by practicing sustainable land mangement to benefit our land, water and biodviversity.  Some of the activities Landcare groups are involved in are:

  • Long term property and sub-catchment planning.
  • Education through field days and forums.
  • Fencing off fragile land types to protect them from overgrazing and feral animals.
  • Fencing off areas of high conservation value such as wetlands and riparian areas to allow natural regeneration.
  • Sharing knowledge and information at Landcare meetings.
  • Managing weeds and pests.
  • Taking action to halt the rate of erosion and salinity.
  • Practice sustainable and best practice land management and agriculture.

South West NRM staff and coordinators are available to support and promote participation of Landcare groups to undertake natural resource management activities and projects in the region to produce positive change in our landscapes.  The emphasis is placed upon building relationships and providing effective communication and information to the groups.  South West NRM offers a sub-catchment planning program to community groups to enable them to undertake planning for their sub-catchment as well as, training, information and funding opportunities.  This program will allow groups to capacity build and gain knowledge and direction to make a difference in our region.