SWNRM Mapping Services

Prepared Maps for download

South West NRM Shire BoundariesLocal Govt Boundaries

This great tool http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildrivers/wildrivers-map.php on the wild rivers website allows you to create and print maps of properties and mining tenements to get current information about the status of a wild river area as a declared or as a proposed wild river area.


Simply enter the lot number, then the plan number and your email address,...

Watercourses in the Paroo River catchment area

Paroo PropertiesBoundaries for properties in the Paroo catchment.

KML file showing SWNRM's main boundary. Can be used as a layer in GoogleEarth, Google Maps, and other systems that read the kml format.


Shows the locations of the different Threatened Ecological Communities within Southwest NRM region.

Scale 1:750,000 at A0 size

Projection GDA 1994