PLANSCAPES - Planning for a sustainable future


PLANSCAPES is a multi-property scale planning initiative addressing natural resource management issues in the South West NRM Ltd region, including:

  • grazing of land types in excess of safe carrying capacities;

  • absence of fire;

  • loss of ground cover vegetation;

  • soil erosion;

  • salinity;

  • decline in water quality;

  • native and exotic weed invasion;

  • pest animal infestation; and

  • biodiversity loss.

PLANSCAPES targets groups of land managers in priority landscapes to undertake a series of workshops consisting of exercises in goal setting, resource inventory, mapping, action planning and monitoring and evaluation.  An optional Grazing Land Management project component, delivered by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries promotes the use of local research on grazing systems to assist in the formulation of action plans.


Please see the Landcare Groups contact for more information.