Threatened Ecological Communities

The threatened ecological communities that have been mapped within South West NRM include:

  • Brigalow Ecological Community
  • Weeping Myall Woodlands
  • Semi-evergreen vine thickets of the Brigalow Belt
  • Great Artesian Basin Wetlands (Eulo)
  • Natural Grasslands of the Queensland Central Highlands and the northern Fitzroy Basin (Bluegrass sp)

These communities are recognised and protected under the Federal Environment Protection and Biological Conservation Act (EPBC) 1999.


The objective of the Threatened Ecological Community program is to engage landholders in the South West NRM area to commit to the protection and enhancement of 10,000 hectares of endangered vegetation by 30th June 2011. The types of projects that are being sought may include (but not limited to) fencing to manage grazing, conservation / strategic grazing strategy, noxious weed control and control of pests impacting on biodiversity.


The program will be delivered over 2 years, with two rounds of funding. There is approximately $100,000 in total available for each year for the program. South West NRM is seeking projects that demonstrate value for money and hectares of land protected. There will also be a requirement of landholders to demonstrate their commitment in providing up to 50% of the total project cost, which may include for example cash, machinery or labour.


This project will divide a north eastern paddock (Plain Paddock) consisting of 1942 ha into approx. 4 x 485 ha sheep proof (hinge joint) paddocks, producing grazing cells, which can more easily be managed through a rotational grazing system. The fencing under this project will allow the main divisional fence of 3.3 kilometres to be...

Plevna Downs

This project will be to fence and provide watering points for protection and conservation purposes.  6.75 kilometres of 4 barb fencing will subdivide 2797ha containing 652 ha of brigalow/belah threatened ecological community for conservation and sustainable grazing practices.  This large area will be subdivided with fencing...


Stage 1 ‐ Control erosion on major property waterway & around dam by‐washes by fencing 3 km section adjacent the waterway. 3 additional water points need to be established external to the waterway to allow access to water for stock. A trough currently located within the waterway will be required to be relocated out of the waterway...

Ivanhoe Downs TEC

Establish a staged project commencing with 16km of cattle fencing located in Bush Paddock on Mt Elliott, subdividing areas used consistently for rotational grazing, from areas of Brigalow / Belah forest community. The Threatened Ecological Community will be strategically grazed maintaining production & enhancing biodiversity of...

Mt Elliott TEC