Regional NRM Plan


South West NRM PLAN 2015–2025


Introduction: Our Place – Our Purpose

Queensland’s South West is one of Australia’s great outback landscapes - expansive land and sky and resilient people producing food and fibre in a landscape where the dinosaurs left their bones. In this land of drought and flooding rain, regional Natural Resource Management brings industry, government and the community together to combine their aspirations and efforts to care for the land and its people. Commitment to productive enterprise and rewarding outback lifestyles are at the core of life in the South West. 


The South West Queensland Regional NRM Plan brings together the lived knowledge and experience of local people and the best science and technology. From this base, the Plan draws out real and solid outcomes to which all efforts can be directed. To lay out the path to making these outcomes tomorrow’s reality, the Plan gathers and organises the tasks and activities that the NRM community has identified.