Wild Dog Bulletin: Can recreational shooters control broad scale wild dog populations?


Hello All,
Landholders in pastoral areas are often contacted by urban-based recreational shooters who are offering to control wild dogs on their properties.

Hello All,


Landholders in pastoral areas are often contacted by urban-based recreational shooters who are offering to control wild dogs on their properties.


So, leaving aside farm security, weed spread, etc - Does recreational hunting control wild dog populations?


The research and recommendations say 'No' - e.g. http://www.feral.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/WDFS4.pdf


This is not to say a number of dogs will not be eliminated by -


·         Professional macropod harvesters

·         Landholders opportunistically shooting dogs

·         Doggers targeting specific trap-shy dogs


However these actions still need to be reinforced by integrating other control tools such as baiting and/or trapping to effectively control numbers.






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PestSmart Roadshow - Charleville


Below are details on IACRC field days. 


From a wild dog perspective, the challenge for landholders attending these days will be how they use this information in working with their neighbours and rural lands officers to achieve cost effective broad scale dog control. 

Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre PestSmart Roadshow - Qld dates

The Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre is bringing the PestSmart Roadshow to a place near you in 2012.  Includes updates research and management developments to control wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and carp.

The PestSmart Roadshow is carried out in conjunction with the IACRC partners Australian Wool Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia and the Murray‐Darling Basin Authority.  

 The Roadshow will also showcase the PestSmart Toolkits – which is a national online collection of invasive species information. The IACRC encourages graziers, land managers and others with invasive animal responsibility to visit the website: www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/and examine the PestSmart Toolkits on specific invasive animals to guide them in policy, legislation, control tools, best‐practice management and implementation.

Places are limited so you MUST register at http://pestsmart.eventbrite.com.au/for each Roadshow and for catering purposes [free morning and afternoon teas and lunch] - starts at 8am through to 5pm. 

New products to be covered include:

  • Wild dogs and foxes: PAPP baits, Blue‐Healer™ antidote , mechanical bait /toxin ejectors and Lethal Trap Devices
  • Feral pigs: PIGOUT®, PIGOUT® Econobait, HOG‐GONE®, HogHopper™ and a nitrite concentrate
  • Rabbits: carbon monoxide fumigator and freeze‐dried Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease for carrots
  • Foxes and cats: spray tunnel technology.

5th June 2012


Charleville Memorial RSL Club


For more information, please see the website at www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/roadshowor phone Suzy Balogh 0418 417 943, email: suzy.balogh@invasiveanimals.com.

Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee Contact


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This email group continues to grow. If anyone who has been included and would rather not be, please advise.
Recipients include -

  • Chairs of Wild Dog Management Advisory Committees [WDMACs]
  • Local government officers
  • Biosecurity Officers, Extension officers, Industry group reps

It is to act as a vector to share information across Qld shire groups involved in Wild Dog control.
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