Salinity occurs naturally in our landscapes depending on geology, soil type, climate, groundwater systems and landscape characteristics. Salt has accumulated in certain parts of the landscape over thousands of years due to natural water movement processes. Land use change,...
•Since Ancient Egypt salinity  impacts have been noted •5.3% of Australia naturally saline •Dryland salinity affects 2.5M Ha (15000Ha identified in Qld) •Expanding by 3-5%/year
This link will take you to the Education Resources site of ABC television. As well as offering many programs suitable for in-class learning,the ABC provides information on topics such as Australia’s Fossil History and Salinity.
Dryland Salinity in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin An overview of current knowledge
Report Prepared for South West NRM Ltd by: Dr John Wolfenden, Mr Matthew Gray, Dr Michael Evans, Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research, University of New England.
The following uses information from the report prepared for South West NRM Ltd by Dr John Wolfenden, Mr Matthew Gray and Dr Michael Evans (University of New England - Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research), "Improved Salinity Management for the Nebine /...
Report from First Round Project Workshops Undertaken 21 to 23 March 2006 for the South West NRM project Prepared by: Matthew Gray and John Wolfenden (Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research University of New England) and Dan Ferguson, South West NRM.
This is a conference paper on Dryland Salinity Management in the Murray Darling Basin, submitted by Mr. Andrew Beal of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission, ACT in March 1992.
This is a Discussion Paper from January 2002 on the topic of enhancing institutional support for the management of dryland salinity.
This is a summary report made on the November of 2000 in regards the assessment of salinity in Queensland's Murray-Darling basin.
In Queensland, legislation has recently been enacted that outlines minimum standards for the retention of native vegetation in bioregions and prescribes Performance Requirements for the maintenance of biodiversity and ecological processes, and the prevention of land degradation...
This study describes the spatial and temporal variability of water salinity of the Neales"

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