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Protecting and restoring the South West is a collective effort that relies on strategic partnerships for long-term impact. Investors, philanthropists and organisations invest in South West NRM for bespoke outcomes on a regional scale, within a biodiversity hotspot renowned for its natural values. 

Funding for impact

Investing in South West NRM delivers a host of social, environmental and economic benefits: 

  • We’re responsible for developing the overarching NRM plan for the region on behalf of the Federal Government. We know where investment will have the greatest strategic impact – from saving threatened species from extinction to supporting beef farmers to decarbonise. 
  • We have intimate knowledge of the region and over 20 years of experience working with local Landcare groups, Traditional Owners, landholders, local businesses and the community. 
  • We work at the regional landscape scale, delivering meaningful benefits that flow through to local communities via our network of member organisations.
  • We’re a team of technical experts with considerable experience in successfully managing landscape-scale programs and projects
  • We’re supported by a skilled and experienced Board, effective governance frameworks and robust administrative systems.  
  • We understand the complexities of global and national environmental markets for carbon and biodiversity, and how they can be harnessed for investment returns. We work with partners on carbon farming and natural capital accounting programs and have helped co-develop the Federal Government’s Nature Repair Market.


Your investment will support a sector experiencing vastly reduced government support, at a time when climate action and ecological restoration have never been more important. 

Program co-delivery

Have a program or project idea and need support with delivery? South West NRM’s team are highly skilled and here to help with:

  • Concept development of high-impact programs of work that complement local, regional, state and national priorities 
  • Co-designing projects to meet specified outcomes while building in additional benefits wherever possible
  • Budget planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Project management
  • Coordination of delivery teams, consisting of internal specialists and contractors where required 
  • Data collection, measurement and reporting of outputs, outcomes and impacts 
  • Providing feedback and identifying opportunities for improvement 
We can do all or parts of the above, depending on your individual needs. 

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Let’s chat about how we can work together to deliver solutions to environmental challenges. 

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