Let's restore the South West together

The South West is home to some of the most iconic landscapes and natural environments in the world.

The mighty karri and jarrah forests, colourful wandoo woodlands and vast floodplains all make this region one of contrast and wonder. Our wetlands are recognised internationally and support migratory waterbirds from across the globe. Our coastline, estuaries and bays are complex yet uncomplicated in their beauty, and are a mecca for locals and travellers alike. The South West is a hotspot for biodiversity, with a high number of endemic and rare plants, animals and ecological communities.

However, our unique flora and fauna needs our help. Climate change, development and the introduction of pests and diseases are pushing many of them to the brink of extinction. Our precious landscapes are losing their natural wonder. 

Your donation, whether one-off or monthly, will ensure we have a stable base of funding to keep fighting for our region. It will be used to:

  • Protect and enhance the natural resources in the South West of Western Australia and
  • Promote and support their sustainable use. 

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and are gratefully received to further our work in building a healthy and productive region. 

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