Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

At South West NRM, we support farmers, industry and community groups to adopt new and innovative practices and provide a key contact for landholders wishing to become more sustainable.

This helps drive innovation in the farming sector through widespread adoption of economically viable sustainable technology and practices. We aim to demonstrate that production and healthy ecosystems go hand in hand.

We provide clear and credible information where it is needed, to enable better decisions and facilitate partnerships to solve problems. Information about new practices, extension activities, outcomes from the latest agricultural trials, case studies, events, field days, video testimonials, resource information and project updates are delivered through our Sustainable Agriculture Twitter account and Sustainable Ag e-newsletter.

What is Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is all about meeting our current needs, without negatively affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It includes:

  • Building the productivity and profitability of farm operations in ways that benefit the environment and the community
  • Minimising the impact of farming operations on the environment – reducing carbon intensity of the supply chain, reducing chemical use, sequestering carbon, managing water on-farm and building biodiversity
  • Maintaining and improving the health of our soil and water resources to support farming into the future
  • Building resilience to climate change – ensuring that our farming systems can cope with increased temperatures, reduced rainfall and more intense storms
  • Finding innovative ways to measure farm natural capital so that it can be valued and protected
  • Ensuring market access in a sector that is increasingly demanding proof of sustainability credentials. 

Choose your Sustainable Agriculture theme

Hover over the images below to choose your Sustainable Agriculture theme. Each theme contains relevant News Articles, Case Studies, Projects and Videos created by South West NRM to assist producers with moving towards more sustainable and profitable practices.

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