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If you’re a landholder looking to improve the ecosystem health, productivity and profitability of your property, we can help!

South West NRM has worked with hundreds of South West landholders over the last 20 years to protect and restore ecological values in ways that are beneficial to the farming operation and the wider landscape. From providing grants to fence areas of remnant vegetation to whole-of-farm plans, our team of specialists can tailor solutions to your needs. 

We regularly have opportunities to provide our farming community with funding, advice and support.  Let us know what’s important to you using the form below, and we’ll be in touch when we have an opportunity that matches your needs. 

Consultancy services

South West NRM offers a range of services to meet landholder needs. Some of our solutions include:

Whole-of-farm sustainable agriculture planning

We know farmers are passionate about their land and want to build healthy, productive systems that will stand the test of time. Using a holistic, ecological approach maximises yield while ensuring the health and sustainability of the farm system. We can help you boost the natural capital on your farm to ensure resilience in our changing environment. 

Carbon accounting & reduction strategies

Customers are increasingly demanding carbon-neutral products throughout the supply chain. Calculating your carbon footprint and building strategies to reduce your impact preserves market access and builds a competitive advantage.

We can provide impartial advice on the range of carbon calculators on the market and assist you in measuring your carbon footprint. Our team understands how to translate global environmental markets to the local level and we understand what’s feasible for the South West. Whether you’re at the start of the journey wanting to understand your broad impact or you’re committed to reaching carbon neutrality, we can help you reach your goals. 

Carbon farming assessment

Heard about the potential of carbon farming but not sure whether it’s for you? We can help you understand what’s possible on your land. 

We’re committed to ensuring that carbon farming projects are good for the farmer and good for the environment. Instead of locking up productive land solely to build carbon, well-designed carbon projects build biodiversity, improve the local water cycle, control erosion, provide shelter belts and restore areas of salinity or waterlogging. They complement your overall farm plan, with the additional benefit of producing carbon credits for you to sell or keep to reduce your on-farm carbon footprint. 

A carbon farming assessment provides a cost/benefit analysis and implementation plan, tailored to maximise carbon credits and other co-benefits that are important to your operation. 

Biodiversity planning

With the introduction of international frameworks and taskforces, large businesses are increasingly looking to invest in nature.  The Australian Government has introduced the Nature Repair Market Bill to provide mechanisms allowing businesses to purchase ‘biodiversity certificates’ from landholders. If you want to get on the front foot and plan how you might take advantage of this opportunity, we can help. 

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