Turn the Tide this Christmas!

Help restore our mainland Quokkas!

Did you know quokkas don’t just live on Rottnest Island?

Our mainland quokkas are really important and they’ve disappeared from over 50% of their range.

South West NRM is working to turn the tide for our local quokkas like Myrtle, as well as several other threatened species of mammal like the western ringtail possums, numbats and chuditch.

We are the South West’s peak environmental charity.

Your donation this Christmas is a tax deduction and will go towards continuing our work in 2024 to re-build populations of threatened mammal species.

Myrtle’s community here in the South West, is the ONLY one on mainland Australia. And we estimate numbers are down to about 1,000 – compared to 10,000 quokkas on Rottnest Island.

Meet Myrtle our South West quokka

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