Connecting farmers to new climate data app

South West NRM is working to connect farmers with a free new digital product designed to help them prepare for future climate conditions by developing strong awareness that can inform decisions about their enterprise.

My Climate View provides farmers Australia-wide with critical data to assess how climate trends – including changes to temperature and rainfall – might impact their business for specific commodities and date ranges in their location.

Information provided is specific to their location, their commodity and their climate.

Farmers can view past climate data, seasonal forecasts and future climate projections at a 5km2 resolution.

For example, an orchardist can see how the timing and intensity of seasonal rainfall in their region might change over time and how that might impact the way they farm.

The product has been developed by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology and since its official launch in July, South West NRM Program Manager Sustainable Agriculture Peter Clifton – who is also one of eight node leads with the South West Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub – has been out and about showcasing the tool and helping farmers get onboard.

Peter was at the recent Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research (Rylington Park) Field Day as the drought hub node lead for Bunbury and shared a tent with fellow node lead for Manjimup Jennifer Riseley who is based at the Southern Forest Food Council. They’ll both be at the upcoming Brunswick Show as well!

Drought Hub Manjimup node lead Jennifer Riseley (left) Bunbury node lead Peter Clifton and Julianne Hill from Grower Group Alliance and drought hub.

Look out for the South West NRM flags at the Brunswick Show on October 28 if you would like a demonstration from Peter on accessing My Climate View.

My Climate View has been designed together with Australian farmers as part of the Climate Services for Agriculture program, funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

My Climate View is available now and free to all users. Farmers and the agriculture sector are encouraged to explore their local climate information and share their feedback: [email protected].