Do we need a Minister for Food?

Who is the Minister for Food in your house? The one who cooks, plans the weekly menu,
shops for the groceries?

Apparently we could soon have a Federal Minister for Food. But we’re not sure that pushing a trolley around the supermarket aisles will be in their job description.

Appointment of a Food Minister is one of 35 recommendations handed down last week following a Federal inquiry into food security.

Don’t think food security is an issue for Australia?

Most of us have experienced problems with food security recently via empty supermarket shelves or skyrocketing prices at the checkout.

Challenges like Covid, climate change, natural disasters, international politics and more are all impacting our food security now, prompting the inquiry in an effort to fortify our food supply into the future.

The inquiry’s report recognises the significant role of a more nature-positive agricultural sector in addressing issues related to food security – particularly climate change.

South West NRM works to drive innovation in the farming sector through widespread adoption of economically viable sustainable technology and practices. 

The organisation is particularly supportive of the inquiry report’s Recommendation 24: “The Committee recommends that the Australian Government develop a funding stream for long-term, public-interest RD&E which promotes the environmental sustainability of agricultural production.”

South West NRM is a Natural Capital Measurement Partner for the Farming for the Future program, which aims to measure and optimise on-farm natural capital for increased resilience and productivity.

Farming for the Future is a research and change program which is testing the hypothesis that investing in environmental improvements will also lead to increased profitability, business resilience and farmer wellbeing. It aims to embed consideration of natural capital as a factor in farm business decision-making.

You can read more about our involvement in Farming for the Future on this page of our website.

And you can read the full report from the Inquiry into Australian Food Security here: