Future-proofing farms through new training opportunities

Providing local farmers with the critical learning and support they need for successful transition to new more sustainable and environmentally beneficial practices is the aim of a new partnership between South West NRM and Perth NRM.

South West NRM CEO Sally Wilkinson said at a time when the impacts of climate change were reducing their profits, farmers have also found themselves in the front lines of the transition to a new low-emissions world with agriculture responsible for 16.8%* of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Agriculture was the most vulnerable sector to climate impact and changes in seasonal conditions had already reduced farm profits by
an average 23%* over the past 20 years.

“We have to remember that it is not just farmers who are affected by the impact of climate change on agriculture, it’s all of us,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“Remember when the price of a single lettuce was $12 or bananas shot up to $14 a kilo? These were both the result of supply shortages after farmers had their crops decimated by climate-driven disasters.

“New science-backed approaches to sustainable and regenerative agriculture are helping farmers build more resilient agribusinesses while delivering environmental benefits.”

The aim of the project was to future-proof farms by accelerating adoption of new regenerative and sustainable agriculture practices.

Courses in Regenerative Grazing Management and Business Fundamentals will be delivered locally, with South West NRM sponsoring 6 places for producers and/or stakeholders in our region to participate in the training.

The courses are being developed and delivered with funding assistance provided to Perth NRM through the State Government’s Community Stewardship Grants.

Under a wider program of activities funded via the same grants program, producers in the South West region will also benefit from access to practical on-ground support, learning from local demonstrations and access to Regenerative Agriculture mentors.

To express an interest in sponsored participation in training, please email South West NRM Manager Sustainable Agriculture Peter Clifton at [email protected]

*Source – National Statement on Climate Change and Agriculture