New community resource for responsible pet owners

Following the success of two recent cat enclosure rebates in the Bunbury and Geographe Bay regions, South West NRM is teaming up with GeoCatch and SAFE Bunbury to provide more support to responsible pet owners through a new Facebook community group.

The ‘Responsible Pet Owners SW WA’ group has been created for pet owners, or prospective pet owners, who want their pets to live in harmony with our region’s endangered wildlife. The group has been created to foster a supportive community of cat and dog lovers who want to share local ideas, showcase successes, and troubleshoot challenges on the topic of responsible pet ownership. South West NRM will be providing tips on how to build a DIY cat enclosure, where to source materials, how to find a professional installer, as well as ways to help your cat adjust to a contained life. To join the group, click here. 

In 2022, South West NRM ran a cat enclosure rebate offering Bunbury region residents up to $200 off the cost of a DIY or professionally installed catio, which resulted in 54 cats being kept safe and fully contained at home. Each pet cat can kill up to 110 native animals per year so, assuming a conservative lifespan of 12 years, the program will have saved over 65,000 animals in total!

South West NRM also contributed funding to GeoCatch’s catio rebate, currently open to residents of the Geographe Bay catchment. Registrations close on 31st March and applications can be submitted at

This project is delivered by South West NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.