Red Leaf Projects was engaged by the South West NRM Ltd regional body to collate, review and summarise the information relating to the water dependent iconic and threatened species and communities and water assets of the Bulloo, Paroo, Warrego and Nebine catchments of the SWNRM...
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The files in this collection were compiled by Peter Johnston as part of South West NRM’s Historical Research Collaboration Project Mulga Lands Information Hub project. The files and the information contained within them are not necessarily the sole work of Peter Johnston....
The results of a 1995 audit of water use in the Murray-Darling Basin.
The results of an 1995 audit of water use in the Murray-Darling Basin.
The results of an 1995 audit of water use in the Murray-Darling Basin.
A report submitted to the Water Resources Commission, Brisbane, Australia, by Angela H. Arthington in June 1992, providing an annotated bibliography of literature on the condition of Queensland's streams and rivers.
A copy of the Australian Journal of Environmental Management, volume 3, December 1996, number 4.
This report is written in the hope that a full understanding of Victoria's water frontage reserves will enable sound decisions to be made about their future.
Predictions of the effects of climate change on the extent of forests, savannas and deserts are usually based on simple response models derived from actual vegetation distributions. In this review, we show two major problems with the implicitly assumed straightforward cause"
Part of the Science for Decision Makers series of booklets published by the Australian Government's Bureau of Rural Sciences. Published in the September of 2007.
The multilevel stakeholder engagement in hydrological research and development of integrated catchment management tools and policies in the Murrumbidgee catchment in Australia helped it gain the status of reference catchment under the pilot phase (2001"

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