Collaborative Area Management

Collaborative Area Management

South West NRM’s Collaborative Area Management program will assist rural landholders to construct high integrity cluster fencing for wild dog management throughout south west Queensland.


The project aims to reduce the significant impacts of wild dogs on livestock, native species, and human and domestic animal safety. Funding will specifically target areas with high wild dog density and evidence of high impacts.


The Collaborative Area Management project is funded through the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative. This initiative has received funding through the Queensland Government to support the growth of a productive and prosperous food and fibre sector in Queensland.  Funding has also been provided through the Australian Government's Plan for stronger farmers and a stronger farmers and a stronger economy.


Phase 3


18 May 2017 – Successful applicants notified

Successful applicants have now been notified, with six new clusters groups to be established throughout the region. 673 kilometres of high integrity exclusion fence will soon protect 562,691 hectares of agricultural land from the devastating impacts of invasive pests such as wild dogs and feral pigs.


South West NRM is currently working with each of the approved cluster groups to complete the required legal processes to enter into a funding contract.


A location map will be publicly released following the signing of contracts with cluster groups.



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For information regarding the project, please contact:

Jon Grant

Project Manager

Collaborative Area Management Phase 2

Phone: 0474 761 633





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