Collaborative Area Management

Collaborative Area Management

South West NRM’s Collaborative Area Management program will assist rural landholders to construct high integrity cluster fencing for wild dog management throughout south west Queensland.


The project aims to reduce the significant impacts of wild dogs on livestock, native species, and human and domestic animal safety. Funding will specifically target areas with high wild dog density and evidence of high impacts.


The Collaborative Area Management project is funded through the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative. This initiative has received funding through the Queensland Government to support the growth of a productive and prosperous food and fibre sector in Queensland.  Funding has also been provided through the Australian Government's Plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.


See the latest cluster map for south west Queensland 


Phase 3


22 November 2017 – Exclusion fencing project surpasses 4 million hectares protected by clusters


South West NRM has finalised the contracting process with 6 new Collaborative Area Management clusters under Phase 3. The 6 new clusters include 16 landholders across 24 properties, and will be established throughout the Balonne, Paroo, and Quilpie shires.

The new clusters will see a further 596,252 hectares of agricultural land protected from the impacts of wild dogs and other pest animals.

A full media release can be downloaded here.

Download a copy of the cluster map here.


Phase 2


29 November 2017 – Economic report finds cluster fencing to increase production by $25 million annually


An economic report on cluster fencing in south west Queensland has been completed, with key findings indicating a significant increase to profitability and productivity for the region’s agricultural producers. Through the establishment of the 15 Phase 2 clusters by South West NRM, the report suggests the project will generate an additional $25.67 million in annual agricultural production and foster an additional 126 jobs.

Download the full economic report here.


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29 November 2017 – Report Finds Cluster Fencing To Increase Production By $25 Million Annually

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For information regarding the project, please contact:


Craig Alison

Project Officer

South West NRM


Phone: (07) 4656 8500

Mobile: 0429 054 600


Phil McCullough

Chief Executive Officer

South West NRM


Phone: (07) 4620 0101

Mobile: 0407 126 689