Far South West Aboriginal NRM Group

About the group

There are six indigenous groups located within the South West NRM region: Kooma, Bidjara, Kunja, Mardigan, Budjiti, and Kullilli.

With the assistance of South West NRM Ltd, the Far South West Aboriginal NRM Group (FSWANRMG) was formed in 2004, as the Traditional Owner advisory group for natural resource management in the south west region.

Two representatives from each local Indigenous group make up FSWANRMG; representatives are Native Title claimants or community members nominated by claimants to represent their group.

The role of the group

The group is heavily involved in providing advice and assistance to all community members who wish to progress on-ground projects that achieve environmental outcomes while enhancing culturally significant values.

The group generally meets four times a year and participation at these meetings has been very strong.

Current Projects

Most recently the Kooma group completed their first project, fencing off five kilometres of river country / wetland area on Murra Murra Station.

Other projects being undertaken by Traditional Owner groups in the south west region include the fencing of part of the Paroo River by the Budjiti people in Currawinya National Park to allow grass regeneration to occur.

The Mardigan people are also working with the owners of Piastre Station to fence-off fish traps, an important feature in terms of riparian function and cultural heritage.

The Bidjara people are working towards fencing areas of cultural significance to protect them from stock on Mount Tabor station.


Caring for Water on Country in South West Queensland


Traditional Owners from south west Queensland were invited to provide input into the Bioregional Assessment Project (Phase 1) that South West NRM had been commissioned to do for the Australian Government.  On Friday 10th August 2012, 19 Traditional Owners from the Kooma, Budjiti, Mardigan, Kullilli and Kunja Nations as well as Traditional Owners from neighbouring Nations of Murrawarri and Boonthamurra attended a workshop at the Bidjara Conference Room at Edward Street in Charleville.  Traditional Owners were invited to provide input in regard to the cultural and spiritual values associated with ground and surface water in south west Queensland and to examine the potential impacts which coal seam gas or coal mining developments might have on these water sites; what sites might need to be protected and how this protection might be implemented.